The Overland Park Rotary Foundation was established as a vehicle to provide humanitarian and education services to the local community and to the International Rotary Foundation which reaches out to the world.

The Overland Park Rotary Foundation's roots go back to 1994. The Foundation is a separate non-profit (501C3) organization that serves the Overland Park Rotary Club.

The Board of Directors is elected annually by Rotary Club Membership.

Each Overland Park Rotary Club member is a member of the Overland Park Rotary Foundation. This means Club Members are always invited to get involved, give ideas and recommend community grant requests at any time. Refer to our Contribution & Grant Guidelines to the left for qualifying information. 

Please refer to the Club Calendar for upcoming Foundation meetings/ locations.  

Additionally, The Foundation benefits from bequests and memorial gifts from Club Members. The Foundation uses these gifts for a variety of projects that benefit Overland Park Rotary Club Programs and the local community. Contributions are welcome. 


Foundation Board of Directors

President: Molly Camis
Vice President: 
Treasurer: Trent Dansel
Secretary: John Yorke
Trustee: David Austin
Trustee: Tam Singer
Trustee: Dave White
Current Club President: Dustin Lewis
Club President Elect: Chad Tenpenny